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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's your fandom?

"Fandom" seems to be the big buzzword right now. Everywhere I turn I see it on a shirt or a sig or a blog… It's so ubiquitous that it ubiquitousness was the topic of a Dork Tower comic; you can even buy Igor's "My Fandom is Random" shirt!

So I got to thinking: what's my fandom? I could cheat and say "scifi and fantasy", but isn't that rather vague? But if I list them all, that would be pretty long. I need a top five list (because top ten would make it too easy).

So without further ado, here's my Fandom Top Five! It's unranked, because ranking it would be like choosing a favorite child. And that's just wrong!

  • The Lord of the Rings
    How could I not love it? It was awesome as a book (and Tolkien saw it as one book, not three). Add in Peter Jackson's movie, and its awesomeness is beyond measure. Wonderful story, incredible visuals, utterly fascinating characters.

  • Star Wars
    I fell in love with it as a child and still find it just as captivating. I had the Underoos and shirts, and I was convinced I made a perfect Princess Leia. Nothing could capture the imagination like it; it revolutionized science fiction and fantasy.

  • Star Trek
    Ah, the other side of my childhood addiction! I wasn't as much of an instant addict, but my interest in it keeps growing. (But let's pretend Enterprise and Movie Five never happened, okay?)

  • The Wheel of Time
    I love, love, love to read, and Robert Jordan's masterful epic has everything I could want: a sweeping scope, intricate plot, well-developed characters that can hold your interest, and lots of hidden clues to the later stories! Woohoo!

  • Role-Playing Games
    Now, I don't love every role-playing game, but I adore several. Dungeons and Dragons tops the list: Third Edition finally made RPGs approachable for me. But I adore Paranoia, too; it's so off the wall and insane! How could you not love a game where your character comes in a six pack? And Guild Wars is my drug of choice: a wonderful, incredibly well done multi-player online RPG. I met a bunch of wonderful new people through my guild! I loved LARPing, too, but there's not a good group here. Maybe at Dragon*Con…

By the way, my Google search just turned up 6,660,000 results. 666…should I worry? Ah, never mind. But tell me, what's your fandom?