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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Plurking Away

So yesterday I was listening to the Lime n Violet podcast. One interesting thing popped up: Plurk. What's Plurk? It's an addiction!

Okay, actually it's a very fun social site. You make friends, and post little tidbits during the day. Friends and "Fans" (people who don't add you as a friend but still want to follow your plurks) can reply, and you can reply back, creating a sort of meandering mini-conversation.

Your page is a timeline, which shows your plurks as little sentences scattered along, with numbers after them indicating the number of replies. You can look at only your plurks, only a certain person's plurks, only new plurks, whatever.

I'm sadly addictive. But it's amazing how many knitters are on there: MissViolet of LimenViolet, of course, and WendyKnits (of WendyKnits), Quietish (Rosemary) of CraftBorg, and a couple of dozen ravelers and lots of others.