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Friday, May 05, 2006

eLi pwnz!

I'm usually a procrastinator when it comes to my blog, but this is coming to you live from Higher Grounds Coffee House! (All right, maybe it's a bit pretentious, but it sounds better than, "I'm sitting in a coffeehouse writing this entry during the concert," doesn't it?)

My husband surprised me tonight by taking me to Higher Grounds to hear eLi perform. I've never heard him live (though he appears on the radio here often), but I'm glad we came. His songs are great–they're touching and thought-provoking, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. Plus he's absolutely hilarious!

These are some of the lyrics to my favorite song by eLi, "Things I Prayed For."

Things I prayed for when I was young
That my father would love me like his only son
That my mother would be patient with me
that my sister would not leave
And If my grandpa could see me beyond his grave
That he'd think his little man was so great
That my hair would not stick up in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

Years go by so easily that sometimes I forget
Years go by and make me see that there's no time for my regret
No time for my regret

Things I prayed for in my teens
That God would forgive all my evil deeds
That my father and my sister would come home
And mom could meet our needs
And If my grandpa could see me beyond his grave
That he'd say a prayer for his family's sake
That my hair would stick up in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

Things I pray for now in my twenties
That God would still love me and Dad would like his new family
That I could hug my sister that my mom could rest
That my wife would still melt every time we kiss
And if my grandpa has seen me beyond his grave
How cold and silent he has remained
That my hair would not fall out in weird places
And I'd be someone someday

Why did I say "eLi pwnz"? Well, let's just say I'm spending a bit too much time surrounded by male gamers these days...


jenlar said...

eLi is t3h r0xX0rz!!11!1!

Do you feel the love now? I spoke l33t especially for you :D Glad that you had fun at the show. I've always loved that song.

on2dredd said...

YES I have wondered what happened to Eli and never took the time to look him up. I love his song writing and what he has to say. Concerts and things are the only times I really wish I lived in a bigger city.