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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

got suno?

If you don't live in Atlanta or Korea, my condolences. No Suno for you! And life without Suno just isn't complete!

What's Suno, you ask? Well, they call it "shaved ice cream," but I think it's more like sweetened vanilla snow, topped with all sorts of wonderful stuff. Apparently it's a new twist on "Pappinsu," which is quite popular in Korea.

So far, I've had Ko Ko Koffee, with coffee syrup, coffee jellies, and "puddings," and Puddin' Pudding, with chocolate syrup and puddings. The puddings are incredible: tiny little flans, really. I'm not really sure what the PINK puddings are, but they are delicious, too. Ko Ko Koffee is my favorite.

So if you are in Atlanta, check out Suno. It's in front of Super H Mart on Pleasant Hill Road, in Duluth. And if you're of the female persuasion, stop by on a Wednesday night: 20% off for ladies!

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