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Monday, January 01, 2007

Star Wars: Geek Vindication

Star Wars in the Rose Parade! Who would have imagined it?

But it's true. For the thirtieth anniversary of Star Wars, George Lucas and company planned the Star Wars Spectacular as part of the Rose Parade. It started with plans to honor the 501st Legion, a very dedicated fan group comprised mainly of Stormtroopers. From there, George Lucas chose the Gramling Tiger Band (Grambling State University) to participate...in Imperial uniform, with the dancers and flag corps in Twilek costumes. Then they asked for floats...so Lucas commissioned two floats, one of the Forest Planet of Endor and one of the Garden Planet of Naboo. Then George Lucas was chosen on Grand Marshall.

But know what's funniest? My mother-in-law has always treated us as if we were strange for liking scifi and fantasy. (So being addicted to football is okay, but enjoying the rather-intellectual fields of scifi and fantasy isn't? I don't get it.) But for one day, it's cool? I don't get it. But this is proof that geeks are finally, finally, coming into their own!

This photo and the links are from bonniegrrl's photo sets on Flickr...

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Thrawn said...

First the Rose Parade, next, the World!!