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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Confessions of a Guild Wars addict!

Wow. Can't believe I've never talked about Guild Wars. I mean, I'm an addict. Really.

I've been playing Guild Wars since less than two months after its release on April 28, 2005. For the first seven months, my husband and I played on our own or with a small group of RL friends. Then, in January 2006, I found Christian Gamers Alliance, which has a very active GW chapter! Woohoo! We joined and found out that GW is even more fun with an active guild...cause my husband talked me into liking PvP!

Okay, "talked into" is a bit of a stretch. What really happened is that he told me, "Here, they need a mesmer. Do what Fiona Dredd tells you." He then logged me in to TeamSpeak and left me there!

After I got over the shock, I started having fun. Sure, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but it was still fun. And now we do PvP every Tuesday and Friday night. (Oh yeah, Friday night playing a video game. I really am a geek.) In fact, I'm now rank 3 (/rank)...and I only earned about twenty or thirty of that rank during double fame. GO SoE!

Oh yeah, "SoE" would be "Spirit of Elijah," my guild. Well, technically I'm in two guilds; my husband and I have two accounts, and we each have characters on each account. One account is in each guild. So to be exact, I'm an officer in both SoE AND SOE...Spirit of Elisha, that is. Twice the fun! Except that we're actually one guild. (Yeah, it confuses us, too.)

And now my social life depends heavily on TeamSpeak, alliance chat, guild chat, and team chat. Is that good or bad?


Anonymous said...

im a guild wars addict as well =D

-killin bullet <--my guild wars name..PM me!

Anonymous said...

Hi MM, I just stumbled across this, and thought I would say hi

mist said...

Hmm.. I am having troubles posting here, but in case i get this to work, Hi MM

Anonymous said...

Lol, hey Mirawyn! Its Stc

Idk if this is up to date or not, but I found this on Google and I was like "I KNOW THAT PERSON!!"

anyways! Just saying Hi, from one GW fanatic to the other ;).


Mirawyn said...

It's my favorite monk!

(We love our monks; they help us with our brilliant, "kill them, don't die" master plan.)