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Friday, April 06, 2007

To Solo, or Not to Solo...

I happened to catch just a few minutes of Dancing with the Stars earlier this week...just enough to see Heather Mills do a front walkover. Now, I haven't followed the show. In fact, I don't particularly like it, just as I don't like any of the other shows that are always picking a worst. And don't get me started on the suggestive choreography and skimpy costumes! (end rant)

However, I have watched a couple of the Heather Mills numbers...because that woman flat-out blows my mind. I didn't know who she was before this, but I'm so impressed by her spirit. She has a prosthetic leg, and she's doing Dancing with the Stars! Can you believe it? THAT is guts!

And now the dilemma. I've been considering a solo for dance for probably six months now. I have considered doing one in June, but I'm hesitant. I found a song I like, Takhisis Dance, and a style: double veil. So when I saw Heather Mills dance, I told myself, "If Heather Mills can do a front walkover with a prosthetic leg, I can do a solo!"

Except I can't choreograph. At all. I tried, and my mind goes blank after "Enter wrapped in veils." Yeah. The song is almost four minutes long! I can't just SPIN for four minutes! And I'm already fighting my choreography for the Seshambeh number...

What do I do?

Postscript: Please excuse my limited editing and any errors that surface. And the lack of links. I seemed to have misplaced my handwarmers. Well, I can find one. Just one. Even though they come in a pair. So I'm typing wearing my satin over-the-elbow Rogue gloves. It's not as easy to do as one might think.

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