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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Aftermath

My hall table, dressed up for HalloweenThis year was my first opportunity to decorate for Halloween to my heart's content...and in my own style! I really had fun, though a couple of planned projects never happened.

For most of my shopping, I headed to Jo-Ann's and hit the autumn and Halloween decorations. Most of them were at least 60% off; I was late decorating because of my mom's illness. The hall table featured a clearance-table skull candle (which looked like it cost a lot more), a cheap black plastic tray that will be re-purposed later, and a pretty goblet-type candle holder. (I tinted the water with food coloring and floated candles in it.) The feathers came from the autumn clearance section.

Add a wild-looking twig wreath, a basic evergreen wreath, and a can of spray paint. The result was two fun yet spooky wreaths. (See the black bird? That was a Christmas dove, painted black with India ink. 40% off from the new Christmas decorations.) Sadly, the flash reveals all the green underlayer of the wreath on my door. In person, it just looks black.
CIMG6387.png (by Maid Mirawyn) CIMG6381.JPG (by Maid Mirawyn)

But the coolest part was in the craft room. I hung one of my black veils from the ceiling and suspended a ghost in front of my window (white gauze and styrofoam balls). It really looked awesome from the street, even if it's rather distant.

Okay, okay. The shrunken heads were pretty cool, too. AND when I told my husband what I was making, it left him speechless for the first time ever.
Shrunken Heads (by Maid Mirawyn)

Edited to add: When I went to post my blog today, I realized I never hit "Publish Post." So here it is, a few days late.

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