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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You're a geek girl if...

This is sort of an informal list I've been keeping for a few years. A few months back, I posted it on Technochicks, and got a few more good ones. The events of Valentine's Day prompted me to post it on my blog. :)

You're a geek girl if...

  • You own more computer media than makeup (and carry more of it with you, too).

  • When you wear makeup, your friends ask you "What's the special occasion?"

  • You can keep track of chargers for your iPod, DS, PDA, GPS unit, digital camera, and laptop, but you've lost your lipstick. Again.

  • You've been hit on by a Jedi, a Klingon, a pirate, and an elf, and it's not even lunchtime yet.

  • After the last entry, you added "Jedi" and "Klingon" to your spell check, and then threw in a dozen other words for good measure.

  • You miss Surge, because it was a great stand-in for Bouncy Bubble Beverage during gaming sessions.

  • You've had to replace elf ears or horns because they're worn out.

  • Your costume wardrobe is bigger than your real life one.

  • Packing for a vacation requires an extra bag for your laptop and all your travel chargers.

  • You barely read the local paper, but you know about strange events all around the world.

  • Your sweetie has bought you things with power cords for Valentine's Day, and you were ecstatic. (Who needs onyx jewelry when you can have an onyx DS Lite?

  • You don't know the names of your neighbors, but you know the handles and real life names of dozens of people around the world...

  • And their blogs, websites, and social networking IDs.

  • You go through your day looking for things to blog.

  • Google is your best friend.

  • Your favorite number is pi.

  • In your mind hottest = smartest (Courtesy of Anathema)

  • You're in the hospital and a guy comes in to replace the monitor, and the nurses get upset it will bother you, but all you want to know is the resolution on it. (This really happened with Ishy; she's a bigger geek than I am!)

  • And now for true confession time:

    You're a geek girl if your husband gives you diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, and topazes for Valentine's Day...in Diablo II...

    ...And you're terribly excited about it, and spend an hour selling off stuff to make room for them in your inventory.

    Yes, it's really true. And my favorite number really is pi.

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