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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Touch That!

I just loves it when Windows tells me, "This folder contains files that keep your system working properly. You should not modify its contents." You have to actually click on the link saying, "Show the contents of this folder" to be able to even view the contents.

And it's my hard drive. C:/. Sigh.

And of course it does the same thing when I go to "Program Files." Heaven forbid if I actually want to, oh, RUN AN APPLICATION. Hello!

Why do we keep giving MS so much of our money, when they treat us like imbeciles? Okay, I can understand protecting your Windows folder. But your HARD DRIVE and the Program Files? That's just idiotic.

I think it's Microsoft's way of denying all responsibility for anything that goes wrong. "Hey, we TOLD you not to modify your hard drive! Now look what you did! No cookie for you." Or, if you're using Internet Explorer, "thousands of cookies for you."

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