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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The show is done, so now for fun!

Yesterday's show may be the best we've ever done! Seshambeh was the third number in act two, and boy did Sarah give us a tough spot: right after a nine-year-old girl! Who wants to follow an adorable little girl? You lose, right away!

Anyway, we appeared to have been a hit. The audience was very responsive, and there was actual cheering and applause, which is always encouraging. AND for the biggest surprise: I smiled. All the way through.

Seriously. I really did.

Ishy came, and I'm so glad she was there! AND she had a good time, I think. Of course, Nicola himself is a blast, so that helps. :)

My husband even made it in time to see part of our number, "Toul Omry." I have to say I enjoyed this show more than any other yet. I felt good about the routine and about my costume, hair, and makeup, which may be a first. Anyway, it was wonderful!

Now I have to start on my solo for Nyssa's benefit in September. I can't bail, since it's for her...

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