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Friday, August 31, 2007

Dragon*Con time! Yay!

I am so incredibly excited about Dragon*Con this year! Last year, I was just getting to know people who were there. But this year...this year I have very good friends who are there.

And we're going goth on Saturday. I made a bat shawl for my costume, too, which I adore. And, because my plain old light brown hair is too boring, I decided to dye my hair burgundy.

At least, that was the plan. The color on the box looked burgundy-ish, on hair about my color, too. But the result is considerably brighter! Fortunately, it shouldn't last too long. I used Color Pulse by L'oreal, and it supposedly washes out in eight to twelve shampoos. And I dyed it tonight, which meant bright red hair for work! Hey, my boss said yesterday that it was okay! :)

Should be fun, though, for a few days. It's still way more normal than a lot of what I'll see there!

Edited to add a photo

I took this photo at work, at my desk. See? Bright!

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