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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Team Soe's team has won a battle in the Hall of Heroes!

Yes! Tonight we won in the Hall of Heroes! It has taken a long time (I’ve been playing for two years, and I’m rank 3.) But it was worth it.

And it was an alliance group, not a guild group, which was kinda cool. We had members of SoE (Spirit of Elijah), SOE (Spirit of Elisha), JCHC, FSCF (Four Star Christian Force) and HOLY (Holy Angels).

To make it even better, we won a FLAWLESS victory against GANK and CCCP, two of the best guilds in the Hall, 22 to 3 to 2!

Now, part of the reason we won is that GANK and CCCP, as two of the highest ranked teams, fight each other often, so there's lots of rivalry there. The battle started with each team quickly scoring one run. But then GANK and CCCP turned on each other and fought bitterly, until we had seventeen relics scored. Then they finally came after us...but we did very well. None of us died (flawless, remember?), and we scored five more runs. They only managed three more runs combined.

Not bad, huh?

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