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Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm a Pod person again!

I just got in my long-awaited new iPod! Ever since my first iPod bit the dust about six weeks ago, I've felt lost! No Pod to kill the time on the bus…no Pod to motivate me at the fitness center…and no iPod to save me when stuck in a car with bad pop music!

This comes at a good time, because I just upgraded the drive on my TiBook to 60 gigs last month. Even though my previous Pod held 10 gigs, I could only put about 4.5 gigs of music on it because I ran out of hard drive space for more music. (I had about 200 megs of disk space free–not good for working with PhotoShop!) The old 10 gig drive is now an external drive. With all that disk space, I can really fill up my iPod! (Hmm…I guess I should leave some room on that hard drive for my design work…)

My new Pod is a 30 gig iPod photo, with a case by inCase. (The 30 gig photos can be a good value now, since they are no longer the "latest and greatest." But mine is brand new, and better than a 20 gig "iPod with Color Display.")

I don't have any photos on it, yet, or even my whole music library, but I'm very pleased with sound quality and the color screen. Love my Pod!


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