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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Keeping cool in Chattanooga

I really will be done with Chattanooga soon, I promise. But there's a few things that are just too fun to leave out.

You can't help but notice that Chattanooga is hot and humid–especially this summer. But the city has a great way for you to keep cool: fountains!

Aquarium plaza itself is full of fun water features, including the "Aquarium Plaza Stream." The plaza is nicely designed, with plenty of seating, some shaded areas, and a fountain that looks like it has burst through the pavement. The stream areas are very accessible, and great for those who wish to preserve a bit of dignity (or their clothes) while getting their feet wet.

From the plaza, take the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge across the river to the riverfront, unless you're afraid of heights. It's the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, and gives a great view of the Tennessee River. Be warned–it is high! (If you look at the linked photo, it's the one on the right.) But it's the easiest way to reach my other favorite place…

…Which would be Coolidge Park, which is a great way to cool off if you don't mind throwing your dignity to the winds. With a wide expanse of gorgeous green grass surrounded by trees, it's also a great place for a picnic (or nap). Its main feature is a beautifully restored carousel–which is located in a nice, cool, enclosed pavillion, by the way. My favorite part, though, was the fountain. It's the type that has recently become popular, with the jets recessed to create a wide open flat area you can walk through. But this fountain has a little something extra: eight carousel animal sculptures that shoot water! They are perfect for climbing, too, which just adds to the fun.

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